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Helical pier foundation systems transfer the load to bearing plates [helices] that are located in stable soil. This system brings an economical solution to underpinning systems. Three advantages of this system are its speed of installation, its verifiable capacity, and its measurable construction [not sure what you mean by measurable….does that raise more ??'s or answer].

We supply pre-engineered systems for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial foundation repairs.

Manufactured helical piers are rated up to 110,000 pounds each for underpinning. Special brackets are used to stabilize or lift foundations in distress.

After a complete inspection we determine the plan of repair or we have received the plan of repair from a qualified design group or individual, work can proceed. Remember, one of the best investments you can make is to do a helical pier test install or get a soil boring on your property. This will enable the designer to determine what type of anchor and to what depth it must go to reach stable soil. Usually the installer will excavate a hole at each anchor location wide enough and deep enough to place a bracket under the foundation. The leading section of the helical pier, with the proper number and size of helices, will be installed by a rotary machine. Extensions are added until the helices are at the proper depth and the predetermined torque load is achieved. At that point the underpinning bracket is attached to the foundataion, the load is transferred to the pier, and the building can be stabilized or lifted according to plan.