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Downtown SLC home
Project Type: Residential Underpinning Piers
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Date: July 22, 2004
new foundations

Description: This mid 1900's home is typical of one you might find in Salt Lake City's Downtown area. In the last few years the house to the right of this home had a water main break which coupled with the weight of the chimney caused the front right corner of this home to settle. The home owner called us originally in the spring but decided he would watch the cracks to see if there was continued movement. He decided by July to move forward with the repair. Three helical piers were installed to an ultimate load of 50 kips, two on the side of the home and one along the front to support the porch wall. Along with the standard underpinning brackets which were installed on the three piers we added a six foot piece of 90 degree angle iron to customize the pier support to include the whole wall. The work on this house was done in one working day.

The photograph shows the home five months after the work was completed