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Ski Bridge at Deer Valley
Project Type: Commercial New Construction Piers
Location: Park City, Utah
Date: Nov 30, 2004
General Contractor: Geary Construction, Coalville, Utah
Subcontractor: T & T Mountain Builders, Park City, Utah
Architect: Nicholas J. Schou
new foundations

Description: This Ski bridge railing system is designed on 1 ¬Ĺ inch helical piers. This eliminated the need for any kind of a foundation under the rails and posts as they extended out passed the bridge. The design called for seventeen helical piers along with a custom built bracket. The piers were installed to have an ultimate load of 30 kips with an average depth of 15 Feet. The piers and custom bracket were installed in Ten hours.

The upper photograph shows the Bridge in the last stage of construction. The lower photograph shows the custom bracket on the helical pier attached to a post.