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Lehi Residence
Project Type: Residential Foundation and Settling Repair
Location: Lehi, Utah
Date: October 2008
Geotechnical Engineer: Western Technologies
Structural Engineer: Seamark Engineering
foundation repair

Description: In October 2008 the owners of the home noticed some significant cracks in the foundation, brick, and stucco outside the home while inside cracks were starting in the walls and ceiling. Our company visited the site about that same time performing a floor survey to determine how much the home had settled and where the settlement occurred. We worked closely with Richmond American Homes (the home builder) and Western Technology (geotechnical engineer) to determine the area of settlement.

foundation repair

We returned two more times during the next month to measure the level of the home with more movement each visit. At that point Richmond American homes decided to move quickly to fix the problem and (12) 2 ½" helical piers were installed through the collapseable soil bearing in the hard gravels at depths of 25' to 40'. At the furthest S.W. corner of the home the foundation was raised 2 ¼". When the foundation was raised most of the interior cracks in the walls and ceiling closed to near new.